What is Podiatry?

The term podiatry originates from the Greek word "pous," meaning foot, and translates literally to foot therapy. Podiatrists focus on addressing foot and lower extremity complaints, recognizing that many ailments can be attributed to the feet, since the feet are the base of the entire body. Our goal is to assist individuals in standing, walking, and exercising comfortably by offering personalized care and the latest health technologies.

Our Podiatrists and Orthopedic Technicians
Our podiatrists, who have completed a four-year study in the Netherlands, conduct comprehensive examinations to identify the causes of foot-related complaints and develop individualized treatment plans. Additionally, our orthopedic technicians undergo internal training and specialize in gait analysis and custom orthotics to provide tailored solutions.

We aim to help you improve through advice on proper footwear, suitable sports activities, custom orthotics, toe orthoses, and various exercises. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online or by phone at any time.

When to Consult a Podiatrist?
Do you fear getting out of bed in the morning due to sharp pain in the sole of your foot? Do you experience burning, stabbing pain in the forefoot? Are you no longer enjoying exercise because shin pain prevents it? Do you notice your child stumbling more often than others? Do you have diabetes and want to prevent problems? Since feet form the basis of our body, they are often the cause of various physical complaints. We are here to help, whether preventively or to learn more about your own gait pattern. Take the best step towards healthy walking with us.

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Common Complaints or Diagnoses
Our podiatrists treat a variety of complaints, including deviations in foot and toe positions, increased callus formation, fatigue complaints, cramps, as well as foot, knee, hip, and back pain. Pain in the feet or legs is always a reason to schedule an appointment with us.

Click here for a list of various diagnoses. If your diagnosis is not listed, please contact us anyway. There are so many different complaints and diagnoses that we may have overlooked some.

Are you unsure if we can help you? We also offer brief check-ups.

Treatment Process and Examination
To give you a clear picture of what an examination entails, let us explain the treatment process. If you have further questions, please let us know. Each examination is individualized and tailored to your complaints or questions. During your initial consultation, we start with a thorough screening and detailed medical history to understand your personal health history, current complaints, and needs. We then conduct a careful physical examination, analyzing your foot, gait pattern, and possible biomechanical issues. Based on these results, we collaboratively develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Treatment options offered by podiatrists include specific exercises, custom orthotics, toe orthoses, and recommendations for appropriate footwear.

Gait and Running Analysis

Gait analysis is a crucial part of our examination, where we carefully analyze your walking pattern. We use technologies such as static and dynamic pressure plates and video recordings to measure the load on your feet during walking and identify potential deviations or imbalances in the walking pattern. We are happy to show and explain this detailed analysis to you.

If you would like to find out more about the technologies we use, click here.

Our Approach
In the healthcare industry, there are many different specialties. We believe that multidisciplinary collaboration can lead to the best possible outcome. Therefore, we have combined orthopedic technology, physiotherapy, and podiatry, working together towards the same goal. We aim to improve everyone's foot health.

Of course, we also want to work with you and execute the treatment plan created. Our common goal is to offer long-term solutions that improve your quality of life and enable you to live an active and pain-free life.

Treatment Plan with Orthotics
If insoles are recommended as part of your treatment plan, we start with a 3D scan of your feet to ensure a precise fit. After the orthotics are ordered, our specialized staff works to customize them to your needs. During the orthotics fitting appointment, we insert the orthotics into your shoes, try them out together, and explain their function. At the follow-up appointment, we evaluate the results, and if necessary, we optimize the orthotics to ensure they fit perfectly and meet your requirements.

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Follow-up Appointments and Aftercare
We recommend regular follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and ensure that the orthotics are working optimally. If necessary, improvements can be made to meet your needs. Our feet change over time, so it is advisable to have the orthotics checked annually. Our goal is for you to be satisfied with your orthotics and benefit from them in the long term. We are here to support you throughout the process and assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

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