What is Podiatry?

The term podiatry comes from the Greek (pous = foot) and literally means foot therapy. In our four-year education, we dealt with all complaints that can occur in the feet and lower extremities. Since the feet are the base of the entire body, many complaints can be traced back to the feet.

We believe it is important that our patients always have access to the latest health technologies. We are happy to work with various interdisciplinary bodies to be able to offer you the best possible individual support. Our goal is to help as many people as possible to stand, walk and exercise in a comfortable way.

In order to work as effectively as possible, we use functional movement tests to get an idea of ​​your complaints. In addition, we have the option of performing a gait analysis to correct the gait pattern if necessary. If needed for your complaints, we can also analyse the movement in the individual joints (feet, knees, hips and lower back). This is the best way to localize the origin of the pain or discomfort and to look for the cause. A solution is then sought based on our assessment.

We strive to help you get better with advice on the right footwear, the right sport and various exercises. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us online or by phone!

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When should you go see a podiatrist?

Are your legs getting tired more often or quicker after a long day at work? Are you afraid of getting out of bed in the morning because you feel a sharp pain in the sole of your foot? Do you have burning, stabbing pain in your forefoot? Do you no longer enjoy exercising because the pain in your shins no longer allows it? Do you see that your child trips more often than other children? Feet are the base of our body and are therefore more often the cause of all kinds of physical complaints. We're here to help! Take 'the best step towards healthy walking' with us.

Complaints and diagnoses
Below you will find an overview of common complaints or diagnoses that we encounter in podiatry. If you are familiar with these symptoms, it is advisable to consult a podiatrist. Pain in the feet or legs is always a reason to make an appointment with us.

  • Abnormal position of the feet
  • Abnormal position of the toes: e.g. Hammer toes, claw toes, or hallux valgus
  • Increased callus formation or corns
  • Symptoms of tiredness in the feet or legs
  • Increased cramps
  • Knee, hip and / or back pain
  • Patients with diabetes or rheumatism
  • Athletes or children with foot, knee or hip problems

Diabetic patients
In our studies we learned to assess and treat the diabetic foot. This includes, for example, wound treatment and medical foot care. In addition, one of our tasks in the Netherlands is to test the sensory and motor nerve tracts and to assess the blood circulation in the foot. Even if these tests are not carried out in Switzerland, the knowledge helps us to pay attention to the important things about the diabetic foot.

Reducing pressure in the foot

With our treatment, we can reduce the risk of getting (diabetic) problems in your feet and toes. Often there is increased pressure in the foot. In this case, we have a podoscop and a pressure measuring device which allows us to relieve the foot of pressure or reduce pressure in the long term. With the help of the pressure plate we can adapt our insoles specifically to your pressure pattern. This high-quality application allows for the pressure-related problems to be dealt with effectively.

For a list of different diagnoses. Is your diagnosis not on the list? Then please contact us anyway. There are so many different possible complaints and diagnoses that we have surely forgotten some of them.