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In our physiotherapy department we offer modern physiotherapy of a high standard. You will receive the best possible care and, based on our examination, we will work together to determine which treatment options best suit you and your symptoms.

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General physiotherapy

General physiotherapy (formerly also called physiotherapy) includes a wide range of therapeutic measures. The main aim here is to improve strength, endurance, balance and coordination, as well as to treat pain caused by functional movement disorders.

Exercise therapy

In movement therapy, even more focus is placed on the specific movement sequences of the body. The main focus here is on active exercise and training in order to improve bodily functions. This should help to achieve a long-term improvement in symptoms. In contrast to medical training therapy, movement therapy is carried out without large equipment, which means that the exercises can also be continued at home.


Medical Training Therapy (MTT)

Similar to exercise therapy, medical exercise therapy is about training and improving bodily function. This involves endurance, strength, balance and coordination. However, during medical training therapy, you train on sports equipment in our training room.

Shock wave therapy

With the help of a shock wave device, both acute and chronic pain can be gently relieved. The pressure waves of the device stimulate the cell metabolism, can relieve muscular tension or stimulate the tissue. This can relieve pain and aid healing.

Ultrasonic treatment

Unlike the doctor, the ultrasound device is not used for diagnostics, but for treatment. The treatment results in increased blood circulation and better cell metabolism, which means that muscle and tendon injuries can heal faster.

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Manual therapy

Manual therapy is about examining the musculoskeletal system very carefully and finding possible functional disorders. With the help of various hand grips and mobilization grips, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the movement disorder and to eliminate a pain problem.


With taping, an elastic adhesive tape is attached to the body using various techniques. This can stimulate blood circulation, stabilize a joint or relieve the muscles. Taping is often integrated into another form of therapy and serves to support the ongoing treatment.

Home visits

If you are unable to come to our practice on your own, we can also come to your home. Please give us a call or send us an email and we will look for a suitable solution together!