Shoes stay with us as we go through life. Sadly, there can be many problems when you buy shoes. Wearing the wrong ones can cause issues you'd rather avoid. It's important for us to help you find the right shoe and make sure you can walk in a healthy way.

We have three different shoe brands: Anova Medical, MBT, and Finn Comfort. All of them can offer excellent service, with or without insoles, for various everyday situations. Feel free to try on these shoes in our store and see which one suits you best.

What are the advantages of orthopedic shoes?
Many people hesitate when they hear the term "orthopedic shoes" due to the image of bulky, large, and clunky footwear. However, this perception no longer aligns with reality. Orthopedic shoes are now not only suitable for everyday use and comfortable but also stylish and contemporary. At Laufgsund, we offer various brands and models to cater to different preferences.

Shoes Anova

Anova Medical Shoes

The ideal orthopedic and stylish shoe for both men and women is perfect for the custom insoles we create. This Swiss brand shoe is an excellent option for a comfortable walking experience and proper walking style. Visit us and test out the brand firsthand. We're here to provide advice and assistance!



The orthopedic MBT shoes simulate walking on uneven ground, which helps train muscles and enhance body stability. Numerous studies indicate that MBT Barefoot Technology improves posture and reduces or minimizes pain. The brand provides a variety of colors, models, and shapes, making the shoes versatile for everyday life. We are there to assist you in selecting the right model and size for your MBT shoes.

Finn Comfort

Finn Comfort Shoes

It's advisable to wear insoles as much as you can, even at home and during the summer. Yet, if fitting insoles into sandals or slippers seems challenging, Finn Comfort has the solution!

Finn Comfort provides slippers and sandals in which we can directly fit your insoles. You can also choose the suitable model from a diverse selection of colors and shapes.

What should be considered when buying new shoes?

  • The heel height should not exceed 4 cm to keep the foot in the correct position.
  • The heel cap of the shoe must be secure to prevent your heel from slipping out while walking.
  • It is essential for the shoe to have a stable sole; if it folds easily, the sole lacks stability.
  • Since feet may swell slightly during the day, it's advisable to purchase shoes in the afternoon for the best fit.
  • If you have a hallux valgus (deviation of the big toe) or a tailor's bunion (deviation of the little toe), be mindful of seams in the affected area, as they could cause irritation.
  • We recommend shoes with a closure on the top of the foot as they offer more stability.