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Custom Insoles

We utilize a comprehensive gait analysis and examination to make personalized insoles tailored precisely to your needs. This analysis is an integral part of our complete solution, included in the price of the insoles. With our custom-made insoles, we can effectively reduce and remedy your complaints in the long term. We provide a complete solution in the analysis and treatment, striving to offer you maximum comfort and support to improve or correct the health of your feet over time.

Insoles for Different Activities an Shoes

Our insoles are designed for daily use and fit most shoes. We customize the insoles to your shoes individually, recommending the removal of existing insoles to create additional space.

Passive, Sensomotoric and Corrective Insoles
The manufacturing of insoles involves the use of various elements adjusted to the foot. To clarify the differences between the various types of insoles, we categorize them into three categories. Passive insoles provide support and stability, corrective insoles alter foot axes and movements to influence the entire body and reduce overloading. Sensomotoric insoles stimulate foot muscles and are often used in children to promote the development and flexibility of foot muscles.

Sport Insoles
For sporting activities, we offer insoles specifically tailored to the stresses of sports. Whether it's tennis, soccer, jogging, or skiing, the right insoles can make a significant difference. These insoles take into account the increased pressure during training and provide firmness and cushioning to support the foot.

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Materials for Insoles

During the customization and manufacture of our insoles, we have an extensive range of materials to achieve the best result. The insoles are made from MemoFlex material, a combination of "Memory" and "Flexibility". This material retains its shape over time while providing flexibility for a comfortable and consistent wearing experience. Additionally, we offer various covering materials, including artificial leather, genuine leather, and Alcantara. Our customers can choose the appropriate covering material (and color) based on their preferences and needs to personalize their insoles and accentuate their individual style.

Manufacuring of Insoles

The manufacturing of insoles is a precise process that begins with computer modeling. Our therapists at Laufgsund play a crucial role in utilizing advanced technologies to create an accurate digital representation of the foot and make individual adjustments. With our expertise, we can precisely tailor the elements and placement of the insoles to meet each customer's needs. In close collaboration with our partners at Leading Foot Technology in the Netherlands, we carefully select the materials and use state-of-the-art grinding and milling machines to achieve the desired fit and support.

We perform individual adjustments and fine-tuning directly on-site in Dübendorf and Winterthur. Together, we try on the insoles and can make improvements to ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

For those seeking a sustainable and innovative solution, we will soon offer 3D-printed insoles. With our customized approach and wide range of insole options, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible foot health and comfort.