With the help of a detailed 3D scan, we can make made-to-measure podiatric insoles for your feet.
These insoles are modelled by us, milled computer-controlled and made according to your and our needs.
If necessary we are able to further adapt the insoles.


Pressure plate

With the help of our pressure plate we have the possibility to carry out a static as well as dynamic foot analysis. This information will help assess your gait and enable us to better show you where the problem areas are. This helps to find the optimal treatment. More than 1,600 sensors record the pressure points both static and dynamically. The contact time and the impulse of the foot are recorded during the statistical analysis, which generally makes the analysis even more precise.


Foot scanner

With our foot scanners we can carry out analyses quickly and easily. These provide statically very precise results. Based on the results of the analysis by the foot scan, we can produce a custom-made insert that offers you optimal support.