From now on, the Anova Medical shoes are available in our shop in the Zwicky area in Dübendorf/Wallisellen. Feel free to contact us and come by to try them out! We also offer advice on shoes. Also at our other locations we are happy to advise you on the shoes and bring or order the shoes to try on. Please contact us about this.

What are the Anova Medical shoes?

The perfect orthopedic yet fashionable shoe for men and women, suitable for orthopedic insoles manufactured by us. The shoes are beneficial for an optimal running feeling and gait pattern. Feel free to contact us with any questions or try them out directly in the Zwicky area in Dübendorf/Wallisellen! More information is also available on the Anova website. We look forward to your visit.

All Anova shoes are ideal for combining with orthopedic insoles. Because of these advantages, Anova has taken a leading role in the orthopedic trade, healthcare and physicians. We also have waterproof variants of the shoes, so that there are more possibilities to use the shoes. 

Advantages of the Anova shoes

  • Foot-friendly fit
  • Roll and acceleration
  • Optimum cushioning
  • Stability and lining

Waterproof shoes

For any weather you will find the perfect shoes, for example with these waterproof versions. The models are suitable for long walks and support pain-free, comfortable walking and standing. Thanks to the weatherproof mesh material with Sympatex, your feet stay dry in all weather conditions, even in the rain and snow. The outsole has an adapted rubber compound for a secure grip.

About Anova Swiss AG

Anova Swiss AG (formerly: Xelero AG) was founded in March 2010 with the aim of serving the orthopedic and shoe trade in Switzerland with health shoes with an orthopedic function. In 2019, the Anova shoes were introduced with the newly patented Anova technology and a fashionable design (sporty-classic look).

Swiss Technology

The Anova shoes are developed in Switzerland, technology and design also come from Switzerland. Co-owner and managing director of Anova Swiss AG is the former Zofingen world-class handball player Dr. Max Schar.

Elegant shoes with orthopedic function for health and well-being.

Anova Swiss AG

All Anova shoes are ideal for combining with orthopedic insoles.