Price list



Incl. 1st Assessment,
fitting- and check-up appointment.

409,-   till   528,-  CHF.

Extra pairs
25% Discount

Toe orthotics

Excl. foot- and aid consultation

75,-   bis   95,-  CHF


1st Assessment
90,-  CHF.

60,-  CHF.

Additional products and

The prices of our insoles include an examination, advice, an adjustment date, the first inspection date within 6 weeks of delivery of the insoles, as well as a six-month adjustment guarantee for the insoles and a quality guarantee on the material.

If you combine several products, the consulting and examination costs for the second product are forfeited and you only pay for the product.


We offer children up to and including 16 years of age a six-monthly check-up free of charge. The insoles are checked, any complaints are discussed and the gait pattern is examined again.

In addition, exercises for the children are given and other recommendations are made in order to guarantee the best possible care with our insoles.