With our bespoke insoles, we can reduce and remedy your complaints in the long term. We offer you a complete solution in the field of analysis and treatment. We make every effort to offer you a high level of comfort to prevent, support or correct your foot problems in the long term.

Extensive selection of materials

During the adjustment and manufacture of our insoles, we have an extensive repertoire of materials to achieve the best result. The inlays are made of the MemoFlex material, which stands for a combination of “Memory” and “Flexibility”. The “memory” allows the material to return to its original form for a long time, while the “flexibility” ensures uniform and flexible results.

Sports insoles

Since the foot is stressed differently during sport, it is possible that your conventional insoles, which you wear in daily use, are not suitable for sport and the resulting stress. Due to the increased forces during training, the lifespan of the insoles can also decrease faster. When choosing the materials for your insoles, strength and cushioning are considered to make up for this.

Insoles for everyday use are not suitable for shoes with a narrower last and a tighter fit, as is the case with soccer shoes, for example. With this type of shoe, we often work with other adaptations to enable effective therapy.


Our insoles are usually suitable for being worn in normal shoes. To achieve this, it is advised to remove the existing insoles from your shoes, as this creates additional space in the shoe. If the soles are too wide or too long for your shoes, we will of course be happy to adapt them for you. However, keep in mind that your foot can change over the years, which may also make your shoes too small.