In this article, we discuss the causes of foot pain when jogging, the anatomy of the foot, running shoes and the importance of muscle length and stability. We also interview Tamara Kamm, a physiotherapist who runs at a high level.

Causes of foot pain when jogging

There are of course many reasons why you may experience discomfort during or after running. These complaints do not only have to occur in the feet, but can also be present in the knees, hips or back. All of this can of course come from the foot and it is certainly important to pay attention to it. We have listed several possible causes:

  1. Overload,
  2. running style,
  3. bad or wrong running shoes,
  4. foot statics,
  5. muscle length and stability,
  6. overweight.

Anatomy of the foot and running shoes

The anatomy of the foot is very complex. Especially when running, there is a lot of stress on the feet because they, as the lowest part of the body, have to carry the entire load. Since there are many different feet, there is not always the right running shoe for every foot shape. Custom insoles can improve fit and comfort. In this way, complaints can be improved, or we can try to prevent complaints together.

Manufactured insoles have to be adapted to the running shoes so that they do not slip in the shoe, but have a precise shape. It is important that the sports insoles are worn in combination with neutral shoes to avoid overcorrection. As a general rule, you should change your running shoes every 400 to 500 miles. This is to ensure that the shoe is not used up too much, so that there is still sufficient cushioning and stability.

Let's ask Tamara Kamm

To answer a few frequently asked questions, we asked Tamara Kamm. Tamara loves running competitions, runs at a high level and, as a physiotherapist, knows exactly what to look out for.

"Why do you like to run so much?" Getting home from work, putting on your running shoes and off you go. Running is so fast and uncomplicated and that's exactly what I appreciate about this sport. Running gives me peace, I get new ideas and I feel refreshed after every training session. Except for strict units, but that's different. Of course there are other reasons. Among other things, I appreciate the exchange and training with my teammates, improving performance through specific training units and, of course, preparing for competitions.

Muscle length and stability

Running uses a whole range of muscles: the entire leg musculature with the calf and the front and rear thighs, the foot musculature, the gluteal musculature, the abdominal muscles and the neck and back musculature. It is important to have enough stability to avoid injury. It is also important that the muscles are long enough, which is why stretching exercises are very important.

"What do I have to consider when I want to start training for my first running competition?"

Start slowly and progressively increase the training with the kilometers run. It's better to only do 2 - 3 running training sessions per week, but with high quality. The factors of regeneration and stabilization training should certainly not be neglected. Not even for hobby runners! After a solid build-up, the training can later be supplemented with interval training and sport-specific exercises.


"What's your favorite shoe to walk in? And why?"

I've been running with New Balance for a number of years. From competition shoes to normal endurance running shoes, I have everything in my range. Depending on the training, I can choose the right shoe and thus add variety to everyday training with the shoes in addition to the training unit.

"What are your favorite exercises to improve your running?"

Stabilization training is best done with body weight and core training. I would be happy to show you which exercises. 

"What is important for every runner, experienced or beginner?"

Three things are important for both professionals and beginners and are often neglected.

  • Recovery between workouts
  • Planning or periodization of the training (setting goals)
  • Train with several running shoes and replace them regularly