Interview Nicolas Ferndriger

26 years old, lives in Zurich

It's a very long story for me, since the end of the growth phase at the age of 15 or 16, I've always had the situation that my knees were turned outwards, but my legs were turned inwards at the same time. It then became more and more difficult, I had sporadic knee problems, which came in waves and then disappeared again. At some point I was in constant pain and because I did a lot of sport, especially during the train run, I had very severe problems.

And now I've ended up with Lisa, in podiatry, and she has examined my running style. She was able to show me exactly what I was afraid of, namely how I walk, and she immediately gave me the solution, namely that I need different shoes and that I have to walk differently. And that has already brought me enormous added value. Only the mechanical, different walking, with the right shoes, walking consciously, that has now led to a massive decrease in my pain, that I can enjoy my life again and I can do sports again.

"I came in with a knee that was pretty swollen and I was in pain with every step. Then I put on the other shoes and suddenly I wasn't in pain anymore. Instantly, really immediately. And that was such a liberating feeling for me that i suddenly no longer had pain. When I go for a long walk now, I notice that I walk much more naturally and that there is no pressure with every step, but that it is almost gone."

What does Lisa say?

Lisa: Nicolas wanted to put his own shoes back on to check because he almost couldn't believe that one shoe could make so much of a difference. When he wore his own shoes again, he immediately felt the same pain again. So he knew the shoes really make a big difference for me. A few days later he sent me photos of a hike in the mountains and how happy he is that it's finally possible again.

"Shoes should help you with walking" - Nicolas.

Nicolas: And that's how shoes should be, they should help you walk and not reinforce bad habits. That's why I think the Anova shoes are just great, that they can produce stylish shoes that fit well into everyday life and are also useful and supportive.

The shoe just helps me to walk properly. And when I walk properly, I feel a lot less pain. That means the shoe isn't a miracle cure, it's still up to me to walk correctly and consciously so that I don't overtax myself, but the shoe helps immensely. That is primarily the point.