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Insoles in Summer: Tips for Foot Health in the Heat

Summer is the time when many of us wear lighter shoes like sandals and flip-flops. But what do you do if you need orthopedic insoles? In this article, you'll learn everything about wearing insoles in the summer, especially in open shoes. We'll give you valuable tips for foot health in the heat. Discover how to optimally integrate your insoles into summer shoes and stay healthy even on hot days.

The Best Solutions for Insoles in Shoes and Sandals

Can you wear insoles in sandals?

Yes, it is possible to wear insoles in sandals. Many sandals offer the option to remove the footbed and replace it with custom-made insoles. This adjustment ensures that you have the necessary support and comfort your feet need, even in summer.

For example, our assortment has Finn Comfort sandals, where the footbed is removable. This means we can easily adapt the custom-made insoles to the sandals. If you have various sandals (or, for example, house shoes) of the same brand, you can switch these insoles back and forth.

If you already own a pair of sandals with a removable footbed, we can also adapt these with your insoles. It is important that the sandals offer enough space and that the footbed can be removed to fit the insoles precisely.

What do I do if I don't always want to wear insoles in summer?

If your preferred summer sandals do not allow for insoles, there are still ways to ensure your feet are optimally supported. Wear your insoles in the shoes you wear the most. For example, when you walk or stroll more in the evenings, wear closed shoes with insoles. Alternate between sandals and sturdy shoes with insoles during the day to provide your feet with the necessary support.

It's a good idea to have a combination of comfortable sandals and sturdy shoes with insoles. Flip-flops can be a relaxed option for short distances but often don't offer the necessary support for longer walks or activities. Plan your activities and choose your shoes accordingly:

  • For short distances and relaxed days: Flip-flops or light sandals.
  • For longer walks and activities: Closed shoes with insoles or sandals with insoles.

Comfortable Shoes for Summer

Anova Medical shoes are made from high-quality, breathable materials that keep your feet as cool and dry as possible. This is especially important in the hot summer months to avoid excessive sweating and associated skin irritation. A removable footbed allows you to combine the shoes with custom-made insoles. Anova Medical shoes are not only functional but also stylish. They fit perfectly with various summer outfits.

Foot Health and Care in Summer

How do I care for my insoles in the summer?

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean your insoles with water and soap. Avoid putting the insoles in the washing machine to prevent damage.
  • Drying: Let the insoles air dry and do not place them on the heater or use a hairdryer to dry them. This helps to preserve the materials and maintain the shape of the insoles.
  • Removing Insoles from Shoes: Allow your insoles to air out after wearing by taking them out of the shoes. This helps reduce moisture.
  • Putting Insoles in the Freezer: If you feel that the insoles have an unpleasant odor, place them in the freezer. The cold kills the bacteria on the insoles, reducing the unpleasant smell.
  • Renewing the Cover Material: After extended use, we can renew the cover material of your insoles to give you a hygienic feel and extend the lifespan of the insoles.

Further Tips for Healthy Feet in Summer

  • Foot Care: Keep your feet clean and dry. Good foot care is especially important in summer to prevent blisters and skin irritations.
  • Regularly Change Shoes: Give your shoes time to air out and regularly switch between different pairs to extend the life of your insoles and shoes.
  • Breathable Materials: Ensure your shoes are made of breathable materials to avoid excessive sweating.

With these tips and the right shoes, you can fully enjoy the summer without sacrificing the comfort and support of your insoles. Should you have any further questions or need advice, we are always available to help.

Exercises for your feet in Summer

Exercises for Your Feet in Summer

Many of our customers' foot complaints result from tight calf muscles and a lack of foot stability, often caused by prolonged sitting. To help you, we would like to introduce you to two simple exercises that you can easily integrate into your daily routine:

  1. Stand on one leg while brushing your teeth. This small measure improves the stability of your feet and legs without taking up additional time.
  2. Stand on the stairs with only the balls of your feet. Keep your body upright and almost fully extend your leg. Lower your heel to feel a stretch in your calves. Then go up on your tiptoes to train the calf muscles.

Sounds easy, right? It is! These exercises help improve the stability of your feet and legs, reduce tension, promote clean foot rolling, alleviate pain, and prevent injuries. Integrate these simple exercises into your daily routine and experience how your foot health improves step by step.

Insoles for Sports, Leisure, and Celebrations

Insoles for Summer Activities: Hiking, Sports, and Leisure

In summer, we are all more active, whether walking, hiking, or doing sports. At Laufgsund, we know how important it is that your orthopedic insoles also support you in these activities. Custom-made insoles for sports activities offer you the necessary support and comfort. Ensure that your insoles fit firmly in your sports shoes to avoid blisters and pressure points. For intense activities, we recommend sweat-resistant materials and additional padding to support your feet even during prolonged use.

Insoles for sports, leisure, and celebrations

Insoles for Summer Events: Weddings and Celebrations

Summer is also the time for weddings and barbecues, where elegant shoes are required. We understand that you may sometimes want to go a few hours without insoles to look stylish. It's okay to do this occasionally as long as you balance it with wearing your insoles during the day. With proper foot exercises and stability training, you can strengthen your feet and often endure better.

However, if you experience pain or problems or wear such shoes regularly, we recommend thinner, discreet insoles. These special insoles still offer the necessary comfort and support so that you can dance and celebrate all evening without worrying about your feet.

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We hope that our tips and recommendations on the topic of insoles and foot health in the summer help you. Whether you plan sporting activities, attend special events, or just want to enjoy your summer shoes - with the right insoles and a few helpful tips, you can optimally support your feet. Remember to regularly care for your insoles and complement them with targeted foot exercises and stability training.

If you have any questions or need specific recommendations, don't hesitate to contact us.
Enjoy the summer and stay healthy!

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