Hiking time

The weekend of Pentecost is just around the corner; we have the next three days off, what about you? We put on our hiking shoes and will go for a walk! Enjoying fresh air, your face in the sun (hopefully) and the beautiful nature of Switzerland. This not only makes us happier but also healthier. But what if you suddenly encounter pain while walking?

Build up the muscles properly
Sports clubs and fitness centers have been closed for a long time, so many of us have probably been less active recently. Walking is accessible to most and relatively easy, but with bad weather, we don't always enjoy it. Now that the sun is starting to shine more often, more people are getting their hiking shoes out of the closet and going for a walk.

But please don't forget that walking requires strength. As with other activities, it is advisable to carefully build it up. Do not start with a walk of 10 kilometers or walk straight up a mountain, but start slowly. It is better to walk slower and more regularly in order to steadily build up your distances.

Prevent overloading
In this way you prevent your muscles or tendons from becoming overloaded and causing you discomfort. And that's the only way you can enjoy it to the full! Because let's be honest, if you have constant pain in your feet or knees, you don't feel like going for a walk again next week, right?

There are exercises from the podiatrist and / or physiotherapist that help you to build up your muscles and stability in your feet and legs. We are happy to support you.

The shoes

Your current shoes can also cause discomfort when walking or affect your walking. How long have you had these shoes? Do they still offer enough support or are they already worn out? Do the shoes you wear even match the activity you wear them for?

All of these can make discomfort more frequent, faster, or worse. It is therefore advisable to check that these are the right shoes before starting the hike. Possibly also to get advice if you have any questions or are not entirely sure.

If you need our help, we will of course be there for you again from Tuesday!