Einlagen anpassen für Ihre Schuhe

Bespoke insoles near Kloten

With our bespoke insoles, we can reduce and fix your complaints long term. We offer you a complete solution in the field of analysis and treatment. We make total effort to offer you a high level of comfort to prevent, support or correct your foot problems long term.

Sports insoles

Since the foot is stressed differently during sport, it is possible that your conventional insoles, which you wear in daily use, are not suitable for sport and the thereby resulting stress. Due to the increased forces during training, the lifespan of the insoles can also decrease faster. In order to make up for this we consider different materials, strength and cushioning.

Insoles for everyday use are not suitable for shoes with a narrower last and a tighter fit, as is the case with soccer shoes, for example. With this type of shoe, we often work with other adaptations to enable effective therapy.

Customize insoles for your shoes

Our insoles are usually suitable for being worn in normal shoes. For this, it is advisable to remove the existing insoles from your shoes, as this creates additional space in the shoe. If the soles are too wide or too long for your shoes, we will of course be happy to adapt them for you. However, keep in mind that your foot can change over the years, which may also make your shoes too small. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions! Or just take the shoes with you to your appointment with us.

Einlagen anpassen für Ihre Schuhe

Corrective insoles

Podotherapeutic insoles are a real therapy, therefore the insoles need to be checked. We carry out these controls at our location in Dübendorf, near Kloten. Whenever possible, we do not work with passive insoles that only support the foot, but with active or corrective insoles that aim to activate your muscles and correct your foot. This should lead to a biomechanical, "correct" gait. Together with the exercises that are right for you, perhaps in collaboration with a physiotherapist, the most important thing for us is to ensure a symptom-free gait with only slight adjustments. So you may in the future only have to wear the insoles rarely, or maybe not at all. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. The first check-up usually takes place after 6 weeks. Check-ups are important because the insoles change the position of your feet and your posture. If you no longer need corrections, we may be able to remove the insoles or reduce their use.

If necessary, we can adjust the soles at any time to give the foot more or less support. For this purpose, we offer various measurements at our Dübendorf location, near Kloten, in order to be able to advise you as best as possible. If you are unable to come to us personally, we are also happy to offer home visits in Kloten.

Passive insoles

These bedding or supportive insoles are only used in our philosophy in specific cases where there is actually no other solution. Often the reason is that the foot or muscle can no longer perform a certain movement itself. Or it is simply the goal to achieve more stability or to be able to distribute the pressure better, for example in the case of diabetics. We only use this when really necessary. If it is possible to achieve the same goal with insoles with less support, we will always consider this first.

Sensomotoric insoles

Do you feel like your child might need Sensomotoric insoles? Feel free to contact us or visit us in Dübendorf, near Kloten in person.

These Sensomotoric insoles stimulate the muscles of the feet. These insoles are often made with solid material. Higher elements put pressure on the muscle attachment to stimulate the muscles. We recommend these insoles more often for children because the child's foot is easier to change when it is still growing. Children are very flexible, adapt easily and can learn a lot.

Corrective insoles

Corrective insoles change axes and movements in the foot, and thus the entire body. In this way we can control the effect of muscles on bones or movements. One goal of these insoles is to reduce movement in the end limits. The foot can still move, only the problematic end movement is corrected so that there is no longer any overload.

Where can you find our made-to-measure insoles near Kloten?

When does it make sense to find out more about insoles?

Many of us feel that our feet are getting tired. This feeling is often seen as “normal”, although there is usually a very simple solution. Insoles relieve our feet and offer the comfort they deserve.

If our feet get tired from standing or walking for a long time, this naturally has an effect on the entire body. This can also lead to complaints in the knees, hips or back caused by the feet. If you have already been treated with these complaints by a physiotherapist for a long time, a consultation with us in Dübendorf, near Kloten, about insoles cannot do any harm. We can always look together to see if this is a suitable solution for you. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Insoles can also be a good solution for complaints caused by pressure problems, such as increased calluses or corns. The insoles make it possible to better distribute the pressure from the foot and thus relieve or alleviate the symptoms. Especially with diabetic feet, it is important to avoid pressure points in order to prevent long-term problems. Advanced diabetic feet often have reduced sensitivity, are unstable and the blood circulation can also be affected. In order to be able to determine pressure points on you, a pressure measurement is carried out by us. Feel free to contact us to make an appointment. The measurement can then be made directly on site in Dübendorf, only a few kilometers away from Kloten.

Extensive selection of materials

All of these materials are available at our Kloten site. If you have any questions about this, you can ask us them at any time.

During the adjustment and manufacture of our insoles, we have an extensive repertoire of materials in order to achieve the best result. The inlays are made of the MemoFlex material, which stands for a combination of “Memory” and “Flexibility”. The “memory” allows the material to return to its original form for a long time, while the “flexibility” ensures uniform and flexible results.

Frau macht Fuss Untersuchung

Prices for insoles made to measure in Dübendorf (near Kloten)

Feel free to give us a call or drop by to receive personal advice from us!



Incl. 1st Assessment,
fitting- and check-up appointment.

409,-   till   528,-  CHF.

Extra pairs
25% Discount


Toe orthotics

Excl. foot- and aid consultation

75,-   bis   95,-  CHF



1st Assessment
90,-  CHF.

60,-  CHF.

We also have locations in:

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Additional products and warranty

The prices of our insoles include an examination, advice, adjustment date, the first inspection date within 6 weeks of delivery of the insoles, as well as a six-month adjustment guarantee for the insoles and a guarantee of quality for the material.

If you combine several products, the consultation and examination costs for the second product are forfeited and you only pay for the product.

If you have any questions, please contact us personally, we will be happy to advise you at our location in Dübendorf, not far away from Kloten.

fusseinlagen kindern

Made-to-measure insoles, also for children

Feel free to contact us by phone or drop by us in Kloten, we will be happy to advise you!

We offer children up to and including 16 years of age a six-monthly check-up free of charge. The insoles are checked, any complaints are discussed and the gait pattern is examined again.

In addition, exercises for children are given and other recommendations are made in order to guarantee the best possible care with our insoles.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to receive an offer from us